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I don't have an appointment until ten weeks. Is that normal?

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  • I wont have mine until 12 weeks. i dont think its recommended at all for me to wait til 12 weeks but i had a mishap with the scheduling at the doctor so i have no choice but to wait until then. But 10 weeks isnt bad. they say 6-8 weeks is the recommended time. so u arent to far off!
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  • I had my first appt at 8 weeks and it consisted only of health history taking and a lot of paperwork to read, haha. They also took blood and urine. 

    My second appt was a 10 weeks and that's when I got my first ultrasound, pelvic exam, and discussed my blood work. 

    I think they wait to make sure you get passed the risky period, but that's just a guess. 

    It stinks waiting, though, I completely understand!  

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