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Atlanta Adoption? New to the idea, looking for advice

My husband and I are beginning to look into adoption and wanted to know if any of you had any experience dealing with a local agency, we live in Smyrna.

We have been TTC for 5+ years and have decided that this is something we would like to pursue and learn more about. 

If any of you are adoptive parents and can share anything that might be useful as we begin this journey, it would be much appreciated! 

I know there are adoption and TTC forums, but we would like to talk to some resources locally in-person.  If you have any agency/representative recommendations in the Atlanta area, that would help!

Thanks in advance!

TTC for 5 years, with 2 failed IUIs. Excited to grow our family through international adoption!
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Re: Atlanta Adoption? New to the idea, looking for advice

  • Hi - We adopted our son through domestic infant adoption 4.5 years ago. Instead of going through a local agency, we actually used a local consultancy - Adoption Information Services (AIS). There is also another good one in Atlanta, although I can't think of the name of it at the moment. Basically, the consultants help shepherd you through the process, and recommend agencies they work with. They also have relationships with other agencies that can sometimes pass along situations. There are a couple of other adoptive mothers on this board, plus the Adoption board on the Bump is pretty good, too. You can email me offline if you'd like at ozziemax1 at hotmail dot com.


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  • I actually work for an international adoption agency and we do some domestic adoptions. I work for my mother's agency which has been in operation for 30 years. If you have any questions, feel free to email me elizillien at gmail dot com. I am also adopted and can answer any questions you may have about what it is like growing up as an adopted child. 
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