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Gender Ultrasound

The tech was unable to determine the sex of our baby at my 20 week ultrasound today. We were really excited to find out (didn't with our first) and would rather not wait another 20 weeks. Has anyone gotten an u/s done on their own and could recommend a place that won't cost us a fortune?

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  • The baby didn't cooperate for us either, so my OB let us come back in four weeks to try again. I'd ask if they would. 
  • Our baby cooperated, but at another appointment my husband told our nurse that he's love to see the baby again, so the nurse grabbed the portable machine. I think if you asked they'd totally do another one, especially if they aren't doing all the measurements and whatnot again. Good luck! 
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  • We went to Fetal Vision Imaging in Langhorne.  The gender only package wasn't too expensive and they were able to tell right away.  I think if they can't tell you can come back again for free.
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  • I am planning to use this place:

    They have a few different packages, we are going to do the combo photos and US.  Good luck!!

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