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I am asking because I am completely ignorant to this issue. So don't beat me up too much haha!!

I have never seen anyone give a hostess gift at a shower before. Is this necessary? Is it regional? I ask because I am currently unemployed and we are on a limited income and are trying to budget our funds carefully. I am being thrown 3 different showers and that means at least 7 people are hostesses (to my knowledge so far) that's 7 gifts. I would have to spend a very small amount per person and would feel bad at my lame gift. Like seriously, for that many people I would have to spend like $10 or less.

So is it necessary? Would no gift be less insulting than a cheapo gift?



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  • I would write each hostess a thank you card for the shower and not worry about a gift. I hadn't heard of hostess gifts until my cousin got married. I threw her a shower and she gave me a gift. It was a nice surprise but unnecessary. I've not received a gift for any other shower I've thrown.
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  • Write a thank you card and if you want to get a $10 gift go for it, I bought my hostesses wine and chocolates and hand cream if you are looking for ideas!
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  • Maybe you could write a thoughtful card and bake something for each person? It would be pretty cheap to make a big batch of cookies or something and put them in a pretty tin. I see those tins at the dollar store and Christmas Tree Shop (if you have that near you) all the time. 
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  • Thanks for the tips ladies! One is pregnant with her second child and is not having a shower since it's another boy, but I thought I could get her something for baby instead of herself. That a good idea? Or get for her and spend the extra to get something for baby? I could swing more $$$ as a baby gift.

  • Think of it this way.  Showers are gifts to you from the hostess.  If a friend gets you a baby gift, do you run out and give her a gift?  No, you don't have to.  You write her a sincere thank you card and maybe (since it's an expensive and time-consuming gift on her part) you get her something small or take her out to lunch.  This whole 'hostess gift' trend, while nice, is not necessary.  

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  • I had never heard of it before my friend had a baby shower last winter and was freaking out about hostess gifts, I was like what the heck are those?!  The women who threw her shower were her aunts and sister so she ended up getting them 25.00 gift cards.  For my bridal showers last summer I gave each person a BBW candle (I think I got them on sale for 10.00) and a thoughtful handwritten thank you card.  As a hostess I would never expect one, but it was nice to be able to give a gift to the person who did all the work for me. 
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  • If you feel like a card isn't enough. Bake a cake and write thank you on it.
  • I bought each of 2 hostesses a potted flowering plant (probably each $5), and tied a pretty ribbon around it, and then sent a nice thank you note afterwards, mentioning all the cool things they did for my shower.

     I like the baked goods idea too, no one ever gets enough home baking, and it's really inexpensive.

    Definitely don't break the bank if you don't have the money to spare.

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  • Baked goods are a great idea or even hit up a sale at Bath & Body works for some lotions, etc...aren't their minis 3 for $5 sometimes? I'm sure your friends realize your financial situation to some extent and won't be offended that you don't spend a bunch. That or maybe have all your hostesses over for a thank you brunch sometime?
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