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Extracurricular activities and dinner ideas?

Both boys are playing ball this season, and between the two of them we are having practice 5 nights a week, which is making dinner really difficult. What does everyone else do??? Any easy dinner ideas??
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Re: Extracurricular activities and dinner ideas?

  • My friend makes freezer meals because she is always running around with her 4 kids. She makes 20 meals at a time. If you have the freezer space it may be worth looking into.
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  • What about crock pot meals?  You could put them on in the early afternoon, and they'd be ready after practice.  
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  • I've gone to a Wildtree workshop for freezer meals and it has helped my meal planning a lot on busy days. It's time consuming to get all the ingredients and putting the meals together but worth it in the end. I love opening my freezer the night before and having it all put together and thawed out the next night. The only thing I needed to add to the meal was a side dish or just a salad. I think there are a lot of websites that offer ideas on what to do for your freezer meals.
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  • The crock pot is what I would probably do. Also as you get into the spring just marinade chicken and meat in ziplocks and grill when you get home. I also do a separate veggie bag with zuchini, vidalia onion and bell peppers in big slices. marinade in italian dressing and toss on the grill with everything else. 
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  • I am in the same boat with Jayke involved in two sports.  We are never home during the week.  We always grill out on the weekends and make a ton extra.  That way I just heat up the meat and microwave some veggies.  Green Giant steamers are my friend! 

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  • Another trick I do is make the kids something quick easy (chicken nuggests, mac n cheese) to eat before practice and then make a real dinner for DH and I after we get home.  Then those left overs are what the kids can eat the next night for dinner. 

    This time of year we hardly ever get to sit down and all eat dinner as a family but if DH and I eat late I'll fix the girls a snack to eat while we eat dinner.  The bonus part of that is they usually want whatever we're eating whereas they'd act like it was dogfood if I served it to them earlier ;)

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