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Big boy bed update

We finally switched Nic to a big boy bed this weekend.  We dragged our feet b/c he slept so good in his crib, he was not climbing out, and why mess with a good thing.  But with baby #2 coming and his sleep getting messed up around the holidays, we figured it was a good time.

He napped on DH's and my bed on Saturday while we built his bed.  After his nap, we told him we had a surprise and he walked into his room and his face lit up and he said "Oh a big boy bed!" Then he comes straight to me and hugs me and says "thanks Mami for my big boy bed."  He is the sweetest boy.  He was so happy and he slept really good both weekend night and decently for nap.  I know he will eventually learn to get off the bed but we'll deal with that when he figures it out but I'm glad we switched him.  I thought I would share our experience. 

Re: Big boy bed update

  • Yay! So glad that wasn't a big deal for you guys! And hopefully he'll be like our little guy and not have issues with getting out of bed. DS#1 hasn't really cared that he can get out of bed. He'll do it when he's ready to get up, that's about it. Hopefully yours will be the same! Smile


  • Glad the transition has gone well so far!  I'm sure he's so proud of himself being in a big boy bed.
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  • Glad the transition went well!! Hope he continues to do good with it!!
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