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Looking for: Ob-Gyn w/in Kaiser system

Hi all, 

Anyone with Kaiser? Know of any great Ob-Gyns who aren't knife-happy and are cool with natural-ish births, especially VBAC? Would love a few name!!



Re: Looking for: Ob-Gyn w/in Kaiser system

  • I have a great midwife at Kaiser, Patricia Achilly.
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  • I had her too and she was wonderful
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  • We see Dr. Pattengill at the Vandever office. I saw her when I was pregnant with my now 2 year old twin boys and am seeing her with my current pregnancy. She is absolutely amazing.
  • I loved all my doctors!

    My nurse midwife was Erin Dunn.  She was very patient with all my questions, and continued answering my questions even after I needed doctor care.

    When I got Gestational Diabetes, I was transferred to the care of Dr. Richard Block.  He is GREAT.  Apparently, he set up the protocols at Kaiser for non-stress tests for babies.  He is super friendly, too.

    The doctor who delivered my baby was Dr. Nora Haripotepornkul.  She goes by Dr. Hari.  She was MARVELOUS.  After 3.5 hours of pushing and nothing, she told me she would have to do a vacuum-assisted birth.  I was so stressed about this.  Tearing/episiotomies were my biggest fear about giving birth.  The nurses in the room assured me she wasn't aggressive with the vacuum.  Sure enough, she was great.  I only had a Phase 1 tear.  She was very good.

     I really liked my treatment at Kaiser.  I'm impressed with their facilities, and their personnel.






  • i've been seeing Betty Cox in San Marcos as my Midwife. I'm delivering at Palomar though so not sure who will be delivering my baby. Betty has been fabulous though. I also love Dr. Aletha Bernstein but she is only out of the Vandevere/Zion locations now. 
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