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Birthday Gift Ideas for Deployed

So my DH is turning 30 in a month and I'm hoping to get some ideas as to what to get him. I have no ideas as of yet - either something for him to use there, or even to have at home when he gets back. I just thought I wanted to do something nice for him. Any ideas would be great!
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Re: Birthday Gift Ideas for Deployed

  • (Kind of pricey..) But I got my DH a new laptop for his birthday and shipped it to him! Before I sent it I added pictures of us, DD and videos of her since he hasn't met her yet. I also added songs that reminded me of him, etc. He seemed to really enjoy it. Also, I made cake in jar! All of the guys love it (if your DH is a cake guy).
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  • We got H personalized stuff for Christmas. Things that he could have that only meant something to our family. I bought him a t-shirt that had our LO's nickname's Daddy on it. My MIL bought him a blanket she ordered through WalMart that had like 11 or 12 different pics on it. He loves it! He says he gets to sleep with his girls every night! :)
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  • Love the ideas. Unfortunately, a month after he got there, his laptop broke and when he was on a base he paid an arm and a leg for a new netbook -- so I can't really get him a new laptop (but totally idea). I think I'll do a cake in a jar (he doesn't like sweets, but his favorite is pineapple upside down cake on his bday and I found a recipe for it!)... also like the blanket idea to personalize it.

    I really wish I could do a vacation for him when he gets home (not until summer). BUT, there's no way I could pull it off because I don't know when and I'm sure he doesn't even know when he can get leave yet (and we are going to a new duty station within 30 days of him coming home). 

    Hmm.. keep the ideas coming -- maybe a watch? 

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  • I took a picture of Best Buy and sent it too him and told him when he got back he could pick out ANY TV he wanted. But it was a Birthday/Welcome home gift.

    Have you thought about doing a Boudoir photo shoot and sending that too him? I know my DH would like that while deployed more then a watch. Or getting them and just sending him one and say something like "Happy Birthday you get more when you come home" Or "Happy Birthday, look whats waiting for you".

    If he has a netbook he can play DVDs on there right? Make a movie for him, like just you doing everyday things. Or get all of his family to say something to him. Thats something that I would do.

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  • Hubby loves watches, so he gets a new watch every chance i  get

  • Just an update for anyone who cares (probably no one but I know I like getting updates when I respond to posts)... he said he would really really love... a high speed driving course... so if that's what he wants (and we agreed only if I could find one for $500 or less... I would arrange it for him when he gets back).

    Personally, I'd rather do a cruise for the two of us (could totally find a cheap one fo that price).. plus our LO would be free... but due to scheduling, (i.e. PCSing ~30 days after he comes home, who knows where we'll be, our Lo is turning 1, etc.)... its impractical right now.

    So I'm off to bargain hunt.. and if not, I'll get him a watch! =)

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  • Cookies are always a great idea! After all, food is the way to a man's heart!
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