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Home inspection/unfinished basement

Did anyone do their home inspection with an unfinished basement that is used for storage/play area?

We have an unfinished basement, but keep a couple couches and a train table set up for the kids to play. Did anyone get any comments or know what they look for? We have boxes everywhere.

Any tips? Thanks! We're finally doing our interviews and home inspection on Tuesday. I desperately want the process to go quickly from here on out. : )  

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Re: Home inspection/unfinished basement

  • We had an unfinished basement that had storage in one area and a workout area. She didn't think twice about it.


  • We were in the process of finishing it- she just barely glanced at it.  It was a totalt mess...still is, come to think of it...
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  • I was just thinking/worrying about the same thing.  Our home visit is next Friday and I did do a major clean/organize of our basement, but it's far from perfect.  I'm guessing there are more important things for our social worker to be looking at than how neatly our junk boxes are stacked :p


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  • We were in the process of gutting our basement when we had our home inspection, and had only finished emptying out one side when the social worker came to see the house. There was a gigantic pile of wood with rusty nails all through in the middle of the floor, and stuff spray painted on the walls from the previous owner's kids. It looked like the town dump, but I guess she could see our progress from the side we HAD finished, because she didn't question it at all, and in our home study she didn't mention it. I'd say just tidy up a bit, and call it a work in progress, if you're ever going to do anything more with it.
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