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Postpartum Depression

Anti-Depressants While Pregnant

Does anyone know what would be safe to take while pregnant.  I am not pregnant right now but I am going to the psychiatrist and will probably end up on meds.  I want something that is safe while pregnant so I don't have to worry about switching when DH and I decide it is time to TTC.
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Re: Anti-Depressants While Pregnant

  • Nothing is 100% safe. i would suggest working on yourself and worrying about baby in awhile. I am on meds now and will wean off them when I am ready to start TTC. 
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  • My ob wanted me to take zoloft while I was pregnant.  Something about being pregnant  calms my ocd, so I chose not to.  There are risks, such as birth defects.  They are more likely to occur from taking the meds in later pregnancy.

    And sometimes you need to take them while pregnant, it is truly safer than not.  I would suggest talking to a pharmacist.  

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  • Okay I think the bottom line is this: No one knows for sure if the drugs are completely safe, but the studies so far have shown that some ARE safer and much more well-tested than others.

    That being said, talk to your psychiatrist. Then talk to your OB. I took meds throughout my pregnancy because my OB felt that the risks of not taking them was greater than the risks of taking them. Depression is stressful, which adds stress to the baby.

    As for the PP who said that the risks of defects are greater in late pregnancy, that is false. The risks in 3rd trimester use is that the baby may have a slight withdrawal from them. This risk is small, and it produces no long-term harm to the baby.

    Again, please talk to your OB and psychiatrist. They should be working together when do get pregnant anyway.  Your OB may want to refer you to a MFM doc (high risk doctor) who can better manage your depression. I am so grateful to my OB for working so well with me through my pregnancy, and for the MFM doctors who helped me so much with med management during pregnancy.

    And good for you for being so proactive about this :)   

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