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We have a court date!! And a PIP too!!

Just when I was giving up hope.... we got a email just now from our attorney! We have a court date on March 12th!!! Yay! SO happy that the ball is FINALLY rolling! And I wanted to share a few pictures too... just b/c I can. :o)





Re: We have a court date!! And a PIP too!!

  • She's adorable!  Congratulations on the court date!  So exciting!
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  • What good news!  That's just around the corner!

  • Awww, she's so pretty.  And YAY for a court date!
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  • She is adorable!!!  And congrats on the court date :)
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  • She is soooooo cute. Congratulations!
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  • That is fabulous!! Congratulations!!
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  • PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!  What great news!
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  • She is too cute and squishy!!! I love squishy babies!! :D Congrats on the court date!!!
  • image Ambie0611:
    She is too cute and squishy!!! I love squishy babies!! :D Congrats on the court date!!!
    Me too! I love baby chub! Congrats on your court date!

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  • That's excellent news!  I hope everything goes smoothly.
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  • She is a doll.  I love her name!
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