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Anyone in Wilmington?

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My company is building a new store in Wilmington and I might be up for a transfer. I am a single mom looking for some information on the area. How are the daycares priced? Do you know anyone looking to be a nanny? I will have to work some weekends so I would need someone flexible and early in the mornings. 

I would want to buy a house, but might rent an apartment for a bit until we get settled. How is the market for housing? I would want something under $250k.

I have done a lot of research on the area/activities and such and I would love this opportunity. Any information you could give me would be great! 

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Re: Anyone in Wilmington?

  • I lived in Wilmington for 4 years in college so while I can't answer any of your childcare questions,  I thought I would at least respond on what I do know.  I haven't noticed that there are a lot of Wilmington moms on this board.

    I think you can certainly find a nice house for under 250K.  Not in Wrightsville Beach but in Wilmington certainly.  If you are looking to rent an apartment first.  I would suggest steering clear of the college area.  I lived in a really great townhouse there that was out of the college area but still close enough to all the places I needed to get to called Mandaline Place.  It was reasonably priced, safe and they would be perfect for a single mom. 

    For buying a house I'd suggest areas in and around Bradley Creek (Greenville Loop Road), Forest Hills (Colonial Park Area), Masonboro Loop Road, for good family friendly neighborhoods.

    If you are looking for a church or to make connections with other young adults I highly recommend Port City Community Church (PC3) it is an incredible church and one of the things I miss about Wilmington the most.  They also have really strong children's programs so it would be a good way to make friends and they are incredibly welcoming! 

    Good luck with your potential move.  I think Wilmington is a great place to be!


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