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I will be moving to Houston from Philadelphia at the beginning of June, and will be 26 weeks when I move.  We will be living in Midtown, and I will be working downtown for the last few months before my maternity leave.

Does anyone have recommendations for an OB and/or pediatrician?  I will need to find a doctor and try to schedule an appointment before I arrive in Houston, so I'm looking for some recommendations.

Also, if anyone has daycare recommendations for the Midtown/Montrose/Downtown area, or even farther out like River Oaks or Rice, they would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Moving to Houston

  • Any of the doctors at OGA in the medical center would be great. I see Ivonne Smith at that practice. While she's not great for everyone, her straight forward (almost no bedside manner) approach works well for me.There are several other doctors in that practice who are much loved.

    I recommend Dr Michelle Shuman as a pediatrician. She is amazing. There is a large practice called on Greenbriar which a lot of people love. I actually left a pedi there for long wait times, amongst other reasons. Shuman is also a Tx Children's practice but smaller, more like a family practice.

    This is the Greenbriar Group:

    Dr Shuman:



    Welcome to Houston! 


  • Welcome! I am also 26 weeks!

    like the doctors at Partners in ob/gyn care in the med center. I'm not sure if my doctor (manning) is taking new ob patients but I'm sure others in her practice are. They deliver at Methodist hospital, which I really liked (you stay in one room the whole time) and come may they will also be delivering at a brand new maternity center that is part of Texas childrens hospital. I'm delivering at Methodist again because it is still more convenient for the doctors because they won't have moved their office to the new facility by May. 

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  • I saw Dr Bobo at Women's Specialists in the Med Center. They'll be delivering at the new Texas Children's hospital, too. I delivered at St Luke's. 

  • Something to consider is that there is a brand spanking new hospital opening in the medical center, Texas Children's. It's supposed to be nothing short of amazing. If you care about stuff like that, you may want to consider docs with privileges there. It will be located in the medical center that is about a 7-10 min drive from midtown. 

     Houston is a great city. I'm originally from DC. You will love it if you can get past the heat! 

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  • Thanks for all of the input!  I am happy to hear about the new Women's Pavilion at Texas Children's, and will definitely be contacting doctors that deliver at this center.

    If anyone has daycare recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated as well!

  • I also go to OGA in the medical center and delivered at the Women's Hospital.

    My ob is Dr. Patrice Firpo - I loved her! 

  • Hi and welcome!! I work downtown as well. Have you heard of the downtown tunnels yet? You will appreciate them since you are moving here in June!

     I also see Dr. Smith in the OGA building, love her.

    I had my son at Avalon Academy in Montrose until he was 16 months and we moved. I have no complaints, the infant room teachers were wonderful, Alma and Angela. It's not the fanciest place around but they took care of my son. I know others would recommend Kipling Street Academy, also in Montrose. I have heard good things about Creme de la Creme which is downtown. The cost for full time in the area will be between 1000-1400 a month. I would highly suggest finding a place and putting your name on the list ASAP! There are not a lot of daycare options in the area so they fill up very quickly. 

  • Hi!  I have had my daughter in Southhapton Montessori since she was 18 months old.  We love the montessori style of teaching and also all the teachers at Southhapton.  They usually have a wait list, so I would call them ASAP.  Theya re located close to Rice (off Sunset and Quenby). Ph - 713.526.7942. Good luck!
  • Complete Women's Care Center in the Med Center is wonderful.  Every doctor there is great, all the nurses are wonderful, and the front desk staff are all really sweet as well.  I see Dr. Brigger there, but you cannot go wrong with any doctor in that practice.

     Welcome to Houston! It is a great place to live!

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