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Total Health Total Woman (Cary, NC) Dr. Tahtawi???

Does anyone have any experience with this practice?  For my first prenancy I went to Cary OB/GYN and was thinking of switching.  I am considering a vbac and I don't think Cary OB is vbac friendly.  I have a friend that used Dr. Tahtawi and had a great experience.  Just wanted to get thoughts from others who may have been to this practice.  Thanks for any info.
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Re: Total Health Total Woman (Cary, NC) Dr. Tahtawi???

  • I super-puffy-heart LOVE her. I don't know her position completely on VBAC. I had a CSec the first time around and was told that when we get around to kidlet 2.0 she would let us choose if we were interested, but she would strongly discourage me due to my narrowness (Gummi Bear would have come out a banana, not a cone head) and the likily increase in size of kid from kidlet 1 to kidlet 2. But, like I said, she'd let us decide.

    Overall, her manner is pleasant and welcoming, her office is comfortable and staff is very nice. The billing is all done through an external vendor so you aren't having to deal with it all right then. The blood stick & ultrasound are on-site so you don't have to leave and come back for anything. I even got two of my girlfriends to use her as a GYN (neither is pregnant) and if my SIL or best friend were here, I'd send them to her. As an added bonus: my husband was always put at ease with her and whenever he was there, she'd catch him up on everything that he'd missed BUT everything was directed to me first, him second.

    Feel free to email me or PM me if you want all kinds of personal details.

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  • I have only heard good things about her. I have heard that she books up quickly for new OB patients though.
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  • I read great things about her on the internet. I went to her for a preconception appointment/yearly exam, and it wasn't the office for me.  This is just my personal experience. I was looking for someone to provide me with information and guidance as I got ready for trying to get pregnant and to see if this was someone I could feel comfortable with guiding me through having a baby. I did ask a lot of questions, but I felt rushed and like my concern about heavy menstrual bleeding immediately resulted in her pushing a drug for which she had a stack of pamphlets in her office even though I had just indicated my preferences for no meds if possible. The actual exam was quick (which is good) and they followed the "no news is good news" policy for the PAP with no call-in results.  That being said, she seemed very polite and nice, it just wasn't what I was looking for.

  • I am a real estate agent in Cary and also a RN by education.

    I worked in Kansas City for 11 years in OB-GYN. When I needed a GYN for my daughter I asked a ob-gyn Doctor I had sold a house to for a recommendation. This was the practice he told me if he stayed in NC he would want to partner with.

    A year ago I sold a Townhome to a ob-gyn nurse from Chicago relocating here to work at Western Wake Womens Hospital. She compliments Dr. Tahtawi all the time.

    Do not walk run to this practice and it will be the very best pregnancy experience you can imagine.

    We love her.

    Kathy Sims

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