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Any good wood stove barrier recommendations?

We are in the process of adopting through foster care and to get licensed, our home needs to meet certain safety requirements. We have a wood stove that can be blocked on 3 sides (front, left and right side) that we need a barrier for. We have no idea what's good or not as it can't be so flimsy that a child can just knock it over. Does anyone know of a good one for us to buy or a good plan to make one?


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Re: Any good wood stove barrier recommendations?

  • Does your social worker have any recommendations?
  • Is there a child-proofing service or store in your area?
    We have one in LA that was great for a couple odd situations in our home. 

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  • We have a wood stove and just put one of the folding baby cages around it.  You can get them at walmart


  • KidCo sells a baby gate meant for going around fireplaces, wood stoves, etc.  When we went to the stove store and told them we are adopting, the  lady there was familiar with the requirements and told us about this gate.  We have it up and it is working perfectly for our son - there is no way he can move it, get in it, or go over it.

    We found it cheapest on Amazon.


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