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We've been chosen!!!!

Hey ladies, just thought I'd give a little update. We met with our birth parents again tonight and they told us that they chose us. Im so excited and I feel so blessed!!!

I am driving her to her next OB appt. on Thursday and we are all eating lunch again this Saturday.  Then next Monday we are all going out to the agency to start all the paperwork.  I just cant believe it, this totally came out of no where. We werent expecting this at all, ecspecially since we've been actively waiting over a year. 


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Re: We've been chosen!!!!

  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations.  That is soooo exciting.
  • Congratulations!!

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    RE App. October 2011 - Recc. Clomid and IUI

    Taking a break from TTC to pursue adoption

    Met our 2 year old son in Russia July 2012!
    Court trip October 2012
    Home November 24 2012!

    Back to RE Summer 2013. TTC journey continues: 

    Dx DOR, endometriosis, low sperm count 
    Clomid + IUI#1, #2 = BFN / IUI #3 = ???

    Laparoscopy scheduled December 2013

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  • This is amazing news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats
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  • congrats! so exciting!
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  • Woot!!! Congrats!!!! Too awesome!
  • Congrats!!!
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  • Thank you everyone!!!  :)
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  • Great news!  Congratulations!

  • how WONDERFUL!  pls keep us posted and wishing you smooth sailing!...
    After 7 years of marriage and 5 unsuccessful IVFs, we have been granted the gift of adopting a baby boy, born 4/21/11.
  • Lurking. Congratulations!!


  • Congratulations, that's so awesome!!!!!
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    met with doctor 2/2/16, actively TTC #1 again, excited
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