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Hello ladies,

I recently moved to NYC and I found out last week that I am pregnant!! (I am 5 weeks right now). I need to find an OBGYN in the city and set up my first prenatal visit..but I am completely lost and do not know many people here to ask for referrals.  Any recommendations?? 


  • Not sure where you live, but Adele Cavalli is awesome. She's down by NYU.

    Went to her for years, until I moved to NJ

    Loved her

  • I see Dr Margarita Gonzales with Beth Israel. Had her for my 1st pregnancy also. She is downtown.
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  • Downtown Womens OBGYN is great! They are located in SoHo...its a practice, so you will see 5 different doctors. 
    ~ Mom to amazing daughter Sophia, born 2012
    ~ MC April 2015 at 16 weeks 
    ~ Current DD 10/2016
  • I go to Lexington OBGYN and their affiliated with NYU. My doctor is William Schweizer.. and I've met with a few other doctors and really like them as well. I have 2 friends that went here and had great experiences.
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