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Anybody doing adoption in California?

Hi Ladies:

I am just at the beginning stages of looking into adoption but my sister just brought something to my attention that I wanted clarification on. I thought if there was anyone here that is doing or has done adoption in the state of California (or your baby was born in California) that you might know more.

She stated that she heard the biological parents can sue for custody or try to "undo" the adoption within a two year period.

Does that sound right to anyone and if so, how is that? I think it can't be quite right because why then would anyone want to adopt in California and not just be flooding other states that don't have this decree?



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Re: Anybody doing adoption in California?

  • I adopted in CA and I've never ever heard that before.  I asked several social workers before we started the process.

    The only reason I've heard that an adoption being reversed is in instances of Native American's and the tribes gaining custody to place within their tribes. And I don't know if that even happens much these days after a finalized adoption.

  • also, I wonder if she is referring to foster/adoption prior to the finalization.  That is VERY common for children to be reunited with their parents after being in an adoptive home for a couple of years (but again, PRIOR to the finalization).
  • We adopted in CA and that was not the case for us. Our adoption was signed, sealed and 100% finalized long before our son even had his first birthday.
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  • That is absolutely untrue. There is a 30 day window for the birthparent to change their mind. There is also ppwk where the birthparents can sign waiving the 30 day waiting period as soon as they sign.

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  • Foster adopting in CA and never heard of this. 
  • As long as TPRs are signed w/consent of birth parents, things can be "closed" off in a short time (I'd have to look up ...but it's 72 hrs or so.)

    My first BM did not have the initial ASP intake until three days prior to birth, so we had to wait ten days after the initial for TPR to be signed.  But had she had the first ASP paperwork done at least ten days prior to birth, we would have had a 72 hr TPR after birth.

    The laws are super confusing when you read them but a good adoption attorney will know what needs to be signed when so that birth parents rights are irrevokable.

     PS-  Are you in SoCal? I have a great support group of adoptive mamas in SoCal... we'd welcome a new face!

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