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Night time diaper - What does your LO use?

We CD during the day, and love it. Unfortunately, however, the diapers are causing a rash around DD's legs if we use them overnight. I've been using some Pampers that DH picked up at the store last week, but she is still leaking. DD is 17 months old and sleeps about 11-12 hours at night. Are there diapers that can hold that long? What do you use?

Re: Night time diaper - What does your LO use?

  • We CD at night.  Granted, my LO is way younger, but we use a fitted and a wool cover.  Wool scared me at first, but it's so soft and absorbent.  It might be worth a try if you haven't yet.  It might be soft enough that it wouldn't hurt her legs at night.    You could probably do a fitted/prefold with hemp/microfiber inserts and wool overtop. 

    Barring that, my friend's baby is a heavy wetter and she uses huggies.  I personally hated them.

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  • What CD's are you using for night time use? We switched to a bamboo stuffed with hemp with wool over top. Since we switched to this we have not had a leak since. Also I can't go back, we have a boy, so we triple folded the hemp in the bamboo and put all the absorbancy in the front.
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  • We use a prefold, and a AFFF hemp insert overnight and he stays leak free for 12-13 hours :)
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  • I have tried them all.  The best ones out there are the Huggies overnights in one size larger than normal.  Another thing I tried that works awesome are the diaper booster pads from BRU.  They look like maxi pads and 30 for 3.99.  I fold one in half and put it in regular diaper one size up.
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  • Thanks ladies! We use BG OS during the day. I tried using them with the big insert + hemp, but like I said, the leg bands give her a rash. I'll look at wool covers, but am hesitant because it takes days of using disposables and rash cream to clear any irritation up. I'm not a fan of disposables, but would rather use one at night than 5 days worth.  Anyone ever use the Earth's Best diapers? 
  • Is the rash just at the elastic leg line? That sounds like maybe there is some build-up in the elastic of the diapers. We use tea tree oil (a few drops in maybe 1/2 Tbsp of olive oil in a little dish) and use naked open-air time and the oil on rashes with good success. We use BG and Nubunz with snaps, and stuff with micro + hemp. Baby is still feeding a few times at night, and I usually change her once at night. She's a belly sleeper, so she wicks through maybe 2x/week. 
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