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Best hospital for natural birth??

Hi ladies - I live in the Cherry Hill area and am looking for a hospital that will support a natural birth. I don't want to be pressured into an induction, pain medicine and/or C-section and so far I'm hearing Elmer (south jersey) is the best place for this? I'm willing to drive up to 45 minutes or so for delivery. I'm currently seeing an OB that is going to deliver at Virtua Voorhees but I'm not sure how trained they are to deal with a natural birth - especially considering they have a high C-section rates. Any thoughts and/or suggestions? I'm also looking into my options at Penn Hospital which has a "Birthing Suite" especially for women planning to deliver naturally... Has anyone heard of / had birthing experiences there???

Re: Best hospital for natural birth??

  • I delivered my DD at VV and wanted a natural birth, they supported every decision I made and didn't force anything upon me.  I ended up having an emergency  c-section though because of complications, but my doctors(Garden State) and the nurses supported my decisions before needing the c-section. 
  • Not sure if there are any near you, but I have several friends that have used birthing centers instead of hospitals.  There is one in Bryn Mawr they love- but kinda far for you.
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  • Well, for one - If you want that kind of birth, definitely hire a doula and take an independent childbirth class. Pick doula/teacher brains on their experiences, too! ICAN is having a meeting in Cherry Hill on Monday Feb. 27th at Qdoba at 7 pm and topic is Tips for Preventing an Uneccessary Cesarean 

    I've only had few experiences at Jersey hospitals, many of my clients end up transferring their care and either go to a birth center or hospital in PA just to run from the NJ high c/s rates. In addition to c/s rates being nearly 45% and VBAC rate under 4%, the Virtua's haven't got the best rep for supporting low intervention unmedicated births, but I'm sure that's not always the case as with anywhere. I've had a good exp with the midwives at Kennedy in Washington Twp even with a pretty tough, long labor. The couple was very informed/proactive, though, and had lots of support. People rave about the top 3 here I list, and of those, I've attended many births at TBC in DE and love the care they provide. Best to you!

    You could look into:

    Wilmington Birth Center 

    Valley BirthPlace

    Pam and Louise CNM's - Capitol Health Hospital, Trenton NJ

     Kennedy in Wash Twp

    Lori ~ mom to 2 boys, wife, doula, and childbirth educator -
  • Thank you ladies for all your responses! I'm going to check out that meeting in Cherry Hill on Feb 27th!
  • I am planning to deliver at Penn (hoping I get into the birthing suite).  I have found that any hospital that has midwives on staff are open and willing to work with a mothers desire to be as natural as possible, other indicators include them allowing a doula in the room (which Penn does). Good luck!!!
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