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Hi there!

I have been lurking on this board for a few weeks now. I am sure my questions have been asked before but I haven't been able to locate what I am looking for in the older posts so hope someone can help me out.

A little background:

My husband and I have been TTC since June 2010. I have had one miscarriage and have been unable to get pregnant again even with fertililty treatments. The next step is IVF. However, both my husband and I are also interested in pursuing adoption, but don't know really where to begin.

 So anyways, I guess what I am asking is where do we even begin to look for adoption agencies and what is the best way to get more information? I did find the Catholic Charities website and emailed them regarding their informational meetings that they had posted. Is this a good place to start? Any advice is appreciated. All of your stories are so touching to me and many have made me feel that adoption is the right choice for my husband and I. Thanks again!


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Unexplained infertility

June 2011 50mg Clomid + Ovidrel = BFN
July 2011 Femara + Ovidrel = BFN
August 2011 Break d/t having HSG completed (all clear)
September 2011 increased Femara + Repronex + ovidrel = BFN
October 2011 Repronex only = cancelled due to overstimulation

Looking for new RE due to poor staff

December 2011 femara + menopur+trigger+IUI= BFN
January and February 2012 break to gear up for IVF
March 2012 IVF#1 transferred 2 beautiful day 5 embryos= BFN

Re: lurker/newbie

  • Welcome!  Check out the FAQ's for this board.  There's some great information.
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    new doctor and a new plan
    august '10 - began 6 months of lupron depot
    IVF our only option for biological baby
    May '11 Decided we are moving on to adoption!
  • Hi and welcome.

    Ditto cogbot. The FAQs will give you some resources to decide which type of adoption is right for you, and some of the options you have within each type. If you're pursuing domestic infant adoption, you may not even use an agency. Some people use adoption lawyers, some use facilitators or consultants, etc. Check out your options and see what speaks to you.

    GL and post often.

  • We started our research by reading a lot of blogs (more me than DH) and by attending a few informational meetings by a local agency.  We also had coffee with a few friends who adopted and just listened to their stories.

    Once we decided to adopt I ordered information packets from basically every adoption agency I could think of.  I compared them all, we weighed all the pros and cons, and discerned our calling, what kind of adoption was right for our family. 

     When we started researching I was convinced that we were supposed to pursue a girl from South Korea, China, or India.  We were not candidates for China or India and SK is closing its doors.  Then we seriously considered domestic adoption of an African American or bi-racial baby (in our state babies with that heritage are harder to place).  In the end we are pursuing a male toddler from Russia!  I just share this with you to say it is okay if you have no idea where you are going for a while.  Just keep learning and eventually you will find your way to your child! 

     Welcome to the board! 

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    Home November 24 2012!

    Back to RE Summer 2013. TTC journey continues: 

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    Laparoscopy scheduled December 2013

    Adding a Burden
  • Hello, and welcome!

    I have to echo the recommendation to check out the FAQ's.  If you have any specific questions, fire away!  There's bound to be someone here who can point you in the right direction!

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