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Court today

I am so glad we got a weekend to calm down! Today we have to go to court in another county to see if FD will be staying with us. We're all kind of thinking she's not going back to her mom quite yet, but who knows? I have no idea what is expected of us at court. This is so new to me, and no one has given me any kind of heads-up, other than the time to be there. All I know is that our case worker (who we haven't even met) won't be showing up. Woo hoo! I'm just bringing all the paperwork we have and hoping there's not something I'm supposed to know that I don't. Wish me luck... And if anyone has any experience or advice in the next few hours that'd be awesome!
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Re: Court today

  • No advice just gl...
    "Live your life with no regrets and you won't miss so much of it looking back."
    Me: 26 DH:31
    After a m/c, a year of failed treatments with an RE, and a failed surrogacy option, we are grateful to open our home, heart, and lives to foster children.
    We are hoping to adopt when the timing is right.
    Come on forever child- find us! :)
    P/SAIF DEFINATELY welcomed!!!
  • good luck! with all of our foster kids our appearance was all that was needed, so hopefully you dont have to do something crazy, lol!

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  • I apparently lied... Got a call from SW at 8 am saying we'd been pulled from the docket, and then spent the next few hours on the phone figuring out what the heck to do next. And now I get to try and keep her away from her much-older bf, who lives down the street. I reeeeally hope she listens, because I don't want her to have to leave!
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