I am just curious to know How much time you were able to take off work? OR shal I ask How much time DID you take off work? 

I have been off since ourDD was born on DECEMBER 8th. I will be going back to work March 12th. BUT after getting our DD medical bills I am re~thinking my back to work date. I had saved up about 6 1/2 weeks of sickVac/ and personal time leaving the last of my time off unpaid. We have $$$ to cover to JUST GET BY, but nit sure If we want to drain our savings?

What are your thoughts? 

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  • My company only gives you 10 days paid for adoption. I saved up vacation so I was able to take 5 weeks off with pay. I could have taken longer without pay but we just couldn't afford to do that.

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  • IMO, if you can't afford to stay home, you'll need to go back. Do you have childcare arranged.

    I took off 12 weeks, then went back for a month and quit to SAHM. But that was in the plan all along and still worked when we ran the #s.

  • I took 30 days unpaid initially because I didn't qualify for FMLA, DH took FMLA for 2 months then when I hit my one year I took another 7 weeks off.  All of my time was unpaid, but we had saved so it didn't impact us financially.
  • I work part time at Old Navy. They have a pretty great maternity/nursing momma/pumping momma policy at the Gap, Inc. brands. However, I have no idea about adoption! Hm...I should look into that! Thanks for the idea! :-) 

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  • I'm working to get 6 weeks paid for our adoption, which is what our maternity leave is set up to be.  I'll probably bank a couple weeks of PTO and use them with the 6 weeks too.





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  • I took four weeks off of work - two paid and two unpaid.  One week was spent waiting out of state for him to be born, so I went back to work when he was three weeks old.  It wasn't ideal, but we made it work.  
  • I initially took off 3 weeks, and then I was able to take days off here and there for whatever I needed or wanted. after 3 weeks, I was fortunate enough to have my mom take care of him.
  • i took the typical 3 month FMLA. our company pays 3 weeks and the rest were paid from my accumulated vacation and about 2-3 weeks were unpaid.

    if you plan to return to work, i'm really for staying home with the LO as much as possible. i really get sad seeing LOs younger than 3 months go to daycare.

    good luck!...

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  • In CA adoptive parents can use the state's Paid Family Leave for six weeks.
    I used mine intermittently so I stretched my leave our for months.

    Are you able to return part time?  FMLA allows for intermittent leaves.  It might be a good working solution for a dismal problem (dismal assuming you'd like to stay home full time)
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  • My thoughts are that it is best for one parent to be home with the baby for at least the first 3 months if at all possible.  Can you DH take vacation time to be with the baby if you go back early? 

    Also how long would it take you to rebuild your savings once you got back to work?  That would be a huge determining factor for me.

    GL with your decision- I'm sure it can't be easy! 

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  • I don't have the wisdom some of your already moms have here, but I will share my plans. For context,  I work in Texas for one of the top companies on the stock exchange.  The company allows me to take the full fmla time of 12 weeks.  They do not have a choice, it is the law.  It will be unpaid as my company does not offer any additional family leave support under any circumstances. My std insurance does not kick in in Texas since I am not giving birth.  

     I am planning on taking the entire thing at once.  I am single and an older first time mom.  Chances are I won't get this type of opportunity for time off  often with an assurance of a comparable job waiting for me.  It will be very hard financially, and I may very well go back earlier.  I just decided to make sure my employers understood that I may be out three months.

     I will watch your decisions with great interest, I have a while yet to be in your shoes.   

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