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NBR: Dog training books

Anyone have a good dog training book? I am having serious issues with our one dog and I am losing my mind. Something needs to change, and of course I'm freaking out time wise now...
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Re: NBR: Dog training books

  • I don't have any book recs, but one concept that worked well for us was NILIF - nothing in life is free. Google it. But basically the dog has to work for everything and it reinforces you as the leader. 

    Also - a tired dog is a good dog is a concept that helped us a lot too. Obviously physically tiring out the dog is good, but that is harder to do in the winter while pregnant and 2 little ones. I also would do a lot of mental exercise - we have some of the busy buddy toy line. And even having the dog do their tricks is good for that also. It can be easy too - like while you do the dishes have him lay down and stay. Or command him to come with you as you go up stairs. Then have him sit and stay while you do a diaper change.

    I would also go on the pets board and ask if it is a specific issue. Some of them have experience with different problems and might be able to help. Good luck! 

  • Hey! I know this is a really late reply but I would contact Miranda at Purrfect Paws! http://purrfectpawsabc.com/ She's the owner and absolutely AMAZING! We've done both classes and private training sessions with her and she always has books she recommends people to read about the issues they're experiencing!
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