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where is the best place to give birth?

We are trying to decide where we want to give birth at.  Though we hope to have no issues we would like to be at the best place should any issues arise.  Right now the ob gyn I have delivers at TMC, I think we are going for the tour tonight, but I have had surgery at TMC and was unimpressed, though that may not reflect on the maternity services.  So I would appreciate any suggestions, thanks:)

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Re: where is the best place to give birth?

  • I delivered at St Joseph's and was very happy with the experience.  They remodeled their maternity department fairly recently and it's really nice.  My OB delivers at St Joes so I never checked out other hospitals.

    If you're unsure, I'd definitely suggest at least touring other hospitals. 

  • TMC new maternity ward just opened this year. I gave birth to my daughter there 5/6/11 and could not have been happier with the service and the environment. The LDR rooms are huge and had all the amenities I wanted.
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  • We delivered on Christmas day at UMC last year - It was the best (hospital) experience I could have hoped for.
  • I'll be delivering at the El Rio birth center, if you're interested in going that route. It's just down the street from TMC so you can be quickly transfered if you need or want to be at the hospital instead. I also hear the remodled rooms at TMC are really nice.
  • NorthWest is the first choice of all our friends who are MD's or work in medical industry
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  • I've gone twice to TMC and will be delivering there again in January.  I'm excited to see they remodeled.  Yay!!  I've had friends/family that have delievered at all the major hospitals.  St. Mary's was the only one who got poor feedback from my friend.  I heard that St. Joseph's is very nice.

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  • I think NW on orange grove and la cholla has it together.

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  • Northwest is great if you deliver naturally.  If LO needs to go to the NICU if you have a c-section or LO has any health issues,  they are not so nice in there.  Nurses are great!  Dr's  like to hold babies longer than necessary in my opinion, and not so friendly.
  • well i can say i took my so there when he was only a few months old and they where awful...i wouldnt go there... nw is great they have a whole center dedicated to maternity...good luck!!! best wishes!!
  • TMC was great. Just delivered there in October. Rooms were nice and so was the staff.
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