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IUD Pregnancy???

I'm not quiet sure where to post this question, it's been awhile since I've been on thebump. (DS is almost 9 months old, therefore, it's been about 9 months). I have an IUD (Mirena) and I've been getting alot of pregnancy-like symptoms (Nausea, tender breasts, frequent urination, etc), but I've been having some cramping and some red/pinkish/brownish spotting. I haven't had a period since before DS was concieved, and I bled from the Mirena for about 9 weeks. I've taken a pregnancy test, which was negative. I guess my actual question is, Has anyone gotten pregnant on Mirena? If so, how were you able to tell? (Same symptoms as a "normal" pregnancy?). Am I just testing too early? I never had any noticable symptom with DS or DD....Any advice would be wonderful!!!

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Re: IUD Pregnancy???

  • I've never heard of such a thing.
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  • Someone else asked this same thing last week on another board. I think that you should be able to get a positive test if you in fact are pregnant. If it would make you feel better you can always get a blood test. Hope that helps!
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  • It can happen, but it's supposed to be pretty rare. Can you feel your strings? I have Paragard (and my doctor never mentioned this) but apparently it can be expelled by your body or it can shift, making it not/less effective. It might be worth a trip in to see your doc to know for sure.
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  • If you are pregnant enough for symptoms, you are pregnant enough to get an accurate test result.  My month board just had a discussion about IUD pregnancies and I was a little horrified to see the number of people who knew someone whose IUD failed, so yes, it can happen.  If you are worried about the positioning, call your OB and get it checked.

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  • image L&R70707:
    If you are pregnant enough for symptoms, you are pregnant enough to get an accurate test result.  My month board just had a discussion about IUD pregnancies and I was a little horrified to see the number of people who knew someone whose IUD failed, so yes, it can happen.  If you are worried about the positioning, call your OB and get it checked.


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  • You are probably not pregnant. But definitely POAS to make sure. And call your OB if you are worried about your IUD not being in the right place. The $15 copay (or whatever yours might be) for reassurance is totally worth it IMO.
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  • While I do vaguely remember a rash of IUDBFP running around in these parts about a year or so ago, previous posters are correct, it's rare.  FWIW "pregnancy symptoms" can also be "pms symptoms" and even though you have the IUD doesn't mean you won't get the symptoms of an oncoming period. 


    Also, if you're pg enough for symptoms, you're pg enough for a positive test.

  • I worked in labor and delivery, and in the 4 years I've been there, I've seen it twice.  Both times we were waiting to see if the baby would come out with the IUD in their hand! :)  (it didn't, btw!)
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  • Yeah, I had an iud ... until last Thursday when my ob took it out because I'm pregnant. 

     I had a Nova T (copper) and while my ob said it's pretty rare, it does happen. He did say that in his 11 years of practice he has never had anyone get pregnant with a Mirena, just the copper one. Gl! 

  • Yes, it happens. Even with Mirena. 

    My close friend is an OB. I had a long talk with her about IUDs one night. She assured me they were wonderful, very effective, etc. The next day she calls laughing because that morning she had two IUD pregnancies. One where the girl was 18 weeks!  She found it ironic that after spending an evening professing her love for them she had a bunch of issues the next day. Murphy's law I guess.

    I still went ahead and got a Mirena. So far so good! 

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  • FWIW, I've had Mirena for over a year and a half and several times I have experienced pregnancy-like symptoms (sore boobs, nausea, tired) but a hpt always turned up negative (and I only get light spotting every couple of months, no real periods though). I have several friends on Mirena and they occasionally complain of the same thing. Keep in mind Mirena contains a low dose of hormones, which may contribute to these so-called "symptoms." It's most likely PMS especially since you took a test and it was negative. Check your strings to be sure you can still feel them. Pregnancy can occur while on Mirena, but it's rare and occurs if it wasn't placed correctly or was displaced.
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  • I had the copper one, and about every other month, I swore up and down I was pg. I got it out because of this....

    I hate to say it, but they really don't know how they work (ie do they actually prevent implantation).....that was enough for me to get it out. 

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