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No bump yet??

So- I'm 15 weeks today. I was pretty slim to begin with, wearing a size 4 and worked out 4-5 days a week. I am now in my second trimester and people are starting to ask where the "bump"is?

Without my clothes on I can totally tell that I have gained weight, I look chubby. But all my clothes (except my bras) still fit and you can't really see a difference in my body.  I can't feel the baby move yet, so I am getting nervous.

I went to the dr. 2 weeks ago and all was fine. Should I be worried? My sister says I should feel happy that I don't have to buy maternity yet.

Thoughts?? Anyone else not experiencing the bump yet?

Re: No bump yet??

  • I'm 18 weeks and have only recently started to show. Woke up one morning and boom there was my bump. I also haven't felt the baby yet. Went to the dr yesterday and heard the heartbeat and all is well. Just be patient. I know it's hard. Trust me I was getting nervous too. 
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  • I'm 25 weeks and unless you saw me everyday you wouldn't have noticed I was pregnant until about 23 weeks, I looked like I was just thickening through the middle a bit. I'm just now consistently having a bump. In the mornings there's not much of a bump, but then at night I'm all belly. 

     If you're really nervous about it, call your doctor to alleviate your anxiety a bit.   On a side note, I bought my first maternity clothes about a week ago.  I only bought shirts because I've been using a belly band so I can wear my pants a little longer.

     I did read at some point that people who are more physically fit might show later than others.  Before I hurt my knee (right before pregnancy) I was running between 5-10 miles a day, and I had to stop for a while due to the knee, and then due to the little guy.  But that's what I attribute not showing right away to. 

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  • I was about 20 weeks before I started showing, and didnt wear maternity clothing untill about 25 weeks, and most clothing still fit way farther into my pregnancy than that.

     I felt my baby move at about 18 weeks, and subtle at that.

    So don't worry! As long as your doc says everything is ok, you are fine!

    (I went up 2 cup sizes by week 20, I am 7 weeks PP now, nursing, and still that same cup size)

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