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Offering free doula care in the Portland area in exchange for experience and evaluation!

I am working towards my DONA certification to become a doula; I recently completed my four-day intensive doula training and am excited to offer free doula care in the Portland area in exchange for experience and an evaluation (needed to help me complete my certification).

I am excited to move forward in my learning and would ideally like to work with women due within the next month or two. I am offering this free service for at least 3 women, presuming we meet and enjoy each others company (afterall, my job is to be of service to you and I want to ensure you are comfortable with me and I with you as the situation requires you to be as comfortable as possible when giving birth). If we are not a good match for whatever reason, I attended my doula training with quite a few other women who are also looking for clients, so if you and I are not a good match for each other, I would be happy to refer you to other doulas who are also looking for experience and an evaluation who might be better suited to you.

If you are interested in having the supportive presence of a doula at your birth--or know someone who might be--I encourage you to contact me at [email protected] 

For more information about doulas, I invite you to read this website that I find particularly well written: 


Theresa Smyth

[email protected] 


Re: Offering free doula care in the Portland area in exchange for experience and evaluation!

  • I'm in the Portland area, but I'm not due until August. I would suggest posting on the January, February, or March 2012 birth month board and saying something like "Portland, OR free doula care" in the subject line. That'll attract those that live in the area. There's been quite a few Portland mamas-to-bed on the August board, so I'm sure you'll find some on the upcoming month boards. I'm sure you'll get replies!

    What program did you get trained through? I'd love to find a free doula trying to get her certification when I get closer to next summer. Does the training program have website with student doulas to contact?

  • I appreciate your suggestion! Good idea! 

    I received my training through MotherTree Birth Services ( They do not currently have a way for you to contact student doulas directly; however, Jesse and the doulas who run the program are very nice, welcoming people and if you contact them, they will have been the ones training new doulas and have their contact information. In my class there were about 15 of us--all of whom are trying to gain experience, so I would definitely encourage you to ask them closer to your due date. You might be surprised by how many women want to be supportive to you during your birth!

    Again, thank you for your suggestion. Best of luck to you. If you don't find the free service you are looking for in August, I encourage you to contact me to see if I can be of assistance or know anyone who might be. 

  • Sorry I replied with my personal account and not the business one, but either was me replying to you :)
  • i am just shy of 6 weeks along but we are moving to Portland in Feb and the extra support would be great if you still have an opening. I live in new york now and this is my first pregnancy.



  • Great. Thanks!

  • Hi there! I am due April 6th. Is that in your time line? I am a 34 year old 1st time mommy.I plan on having my fiance and Mom in the birthing room if possible.

     I was born and raised here in Portland, Oregon. I am having him at OHSU. I live in the mountain park area. Ummmm, trying to think of anything else.

     I guess if I fit your "wants/needs", you will let me know. :-)

     Good luck and thank you!


    [email protected]  


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