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Anyone else get railed by their OB for PG weight gain?

I went to my 28 wk appointment this morning and the doctor on rotation talked to me about my weight gain and her concern and wants me to see a nutritionist.  I've gained 25 lbs and have 12 weeks left.  I gained 35 lbs with my 1st.  I am eating very healthy but haven't had time to really work out b/c I'm working full time and chasing around a toddler while my husband gets his MBA at night and has various work events he must attend.  I'm sure it's hormones but I was CRUSHED after my appointment.  This is the 2nd doctor on rotation that has brought up my weight gain and I didn't even think it was THAT bad.

Any one else been through this or have any suggestions?


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Re: Anyone else get railed by their OB for PG weight gain?

  •   I have to admit- I was surprised I didn't get scolded when I was pregnant with DS.  I gained a total of 50lbs during my pregnancy.  I know this is easier said than done- but try not to take what they say personally.  They are trying to help you and your baby.  Maybe look at it as a way to see a Nurtionist with the insurance company footing the bill.

    I know sometimes its hard to find the time- but I know that taking the toddler for a walk in the evening can be good for both of us- we both sleep better- that's for sure.

    Try to keep your head up!


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  • That doesn't sound bad to me.  Even if you gain a pound a week until your due date your weight gain would under 40 lbs, which isn't horrible. 

    For me pregnant, I didn't care what I weighed or how I gained.  I told my doctor I was going to pay attention to what I put IN my body, not what the scale said.  She (Dr Sun) was totally cool with that.  I gained more than 40 lbs each time and my babies and I were totally healthy.  I dropped it easily the first time and now 3 months post partum today, I still am carrying some extra weight but its not really bad.

    Ask yourself, do you NEED a nutritionist?  Apart from the weight gain, how are your eating habits?  If you are eating a balanced diet of healthy foods then screw what the scale says.

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  • That is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!  I gained 40, 43 and 47 lbs and not one peep out of them, not even when I had GD.  I am sorry that they are making you feel like *** for that because that is complete bs!
  • Left Hug  I'm sorry.  I gained 17 lbs and they were ALL UP IN MY S#!t.  Not fun.  Maybe we saw the same drs?  Because I had loads of friends that gained 40 and 50 lbs and their drs said nothing.  Couldn't believe it.  You are fine!
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  • I did, but rightly so. I gained 65lbs, which was more than half of my prepregnancy weight. I remember crying so much on the way home. 
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • I don't think 25 pounds at 28 weeks is that much at all, even if you gained a pound a week for the rest of your pregnancy that is only 36 pounds.  Honestly, if you are eating a good balanced diet I would not worry about it.  I totally understand the chasing after a toddler bit and in my book that is plenty of a work out.  If anything with a toddler at home at 28 weeks pregnant I say to take it easy.  I didn't take it easy and it ended with me going into preterm labor at 33 weeks and the rest of my pregnancy on bedrest.  Trust yourself and your body.  The only time my doctor said anything was when I gained almost 10 pounds in one month.  The next month the scale showed I had lost 3 pounds.  You have to also remember that sometimes your weight changes alot based on water weight and swelling while your pregnant.  I never got upset when I looked at just one month, I always took into account the total weight. 
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  • I've gained around 18-20 and my doc hasn't said anything.  In fact, I gained 6 of those lbs. within the past month (I blame the rocky road, heh).  I am not worried about it, and neither is my doctor.  Please don't stress, I really think that you are just fine.
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  • I agree with Heather.  When I read your post I immediately thought that was BS.  My dr never said a word to me last time and has not this time either.  From what you described I think you are doing great.  I'm sorry you are dealing with this.  I would be upset too.

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  • That is crazy!!  I am a dietitian (there is no such thing as a nutritionist) and if you came to me for weight gained 25 pounds and you are said you were eating healthy, I would not know what to tell you.  I would most likely review healthy eating for pregnancy but what good would that do if you are already following it.  As dietitians we usually only see people who aren't gaining weight not those that the doctor feels is gaining too much.  I gained 42 pounds with my pregnancy and not one peep out of any of the doctors I saw (there were six in the practice).  I am not really sure your insurance would even cover a dietitian visit for that.  I guess it would depend on how the doctor is coding your visit.  Sorry you are having to deal with this!  
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  • OK- thanks for bringing me back to reality ladies!  I was just so upset when I left the OB yesterday.  I want to do everything I can to make sure I have a healthy baby and the doctor made me feel like I was being lazy and compromising my baby's heath.  UGH.  I eat really healthy and make good choices but like I said I don't get the excercise and walking in that I wish I could with a little guy at home.  I'm sitting here eating a dang salad right now!  I'm just going to try to watch what I eat and try to walk a few times a week.  Other than that I'm going to keep my head up and realize that these doctors on rotation don't know how much my body needs to gain and how I lose weight after the baby comes.  I just needed a little "woosah".  :)

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