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So we had our NT scan this morning. The baby wasn't cooperating and giving us a profile so it took longer for her to measure the nose than normal. It was kind of fun to see the baby for 40minutes or so.

From what she said everything looks good. I am measuring right on with my due date. The baby's heartbeat is 149 (what are the OWT for heartbeat and gender?). 

The best was that the baby was sticking out its tongue. So cute! We have a great pic of it too. We also have a shot that looks like LO is sucking its thumb. 

I have my regular appt. tomorrow. They won't have the results yet but at least it will be a chance to hear the heartbeat (I hope). 

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  • Congrats on a good appointment! 

    The OWT is low heart rate (I think 150 and under)=boy, high rate (150+)=girl.  It was true for Stella but not for Audrey!

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  • Wonderful!

    I have mine on Thursday, with an OB visit right after. They did my blood work a few weeks ago so I should have results that day! I didn't realize there was different ways to do it, someone just told me they had blood taken. Mine was 5 drops from a finger prick put on the paperwork.

    The OWT was false with R too, he had a heart rate over 160.

    Will you be team green? 

  • Great news, congrats. 
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  • Well, if it counts for anything- N & B's heartrates were lamost always within 2-4 beats of each other so I was convinced they would be b/b or g/g... not so much ;)
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  • The NT scan is a fun one!
  • That's great news! Hope you have an easy rest of the pregnancy.

    The OWT was wrong for Ian - his HB was always high.

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