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Latch issues after 12 weeks?

My DD seems to have decided to latch on to only the tip of my nipple which is making me really sore.  I have tried unlatching her, repositioning her, trying to get her mouth to open wider, etc.  Any other tips or tricks?  Has anybody else had this issue?
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Re: Latch issues after 12 weeks?

  • Yes!  My son did this around 4 months old.  He has been totally fine up until that point and then started just latching onto the nipple.  It hurt and I was pretty sore when we were going through that.  I read that sometimes they do that when teething but I still don't see any teeth.  I just kept taking him off and trying to pull his chin down as he was going to latch again.  Really though he would eventually reposition because he just doesn't get as much if he isn't latched right.  So it was a rough 2-3 weeks for us but he is back on track now.  Just keep reminding her and she will get it right again...and make sure you have some lanolin for yourself too!
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