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How Long is Too Long for TY Cards?

Two of my cousins are also pregnant, one had a shower in Oct and had her DS 3 weeks early, in mid Dec. My other cousin had a shower in Nov and has not had her DD yet (due in 1 week). I have not gotten a Thank You card from either.

I had my shower this past weekend and intend to begin working on my TY cards this weekend and in the evenings so I can get them out in the next couple weeks.

Is it wrong of me to feel annoyed that I didn't receive a TY card? I also didn't get a shower gift from either of them as well but that's a different story.


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Re: How Long is Too Long for TY Cards?

  • Rude! I would say they both had plenty of time after their showers but before baby to write a card. I get pissy when I don't get a thank you card, it's expected!! I personally felt bad because I didn't get my cards out until 2 weeks after my shower. If I was a little old lady and in your situation I'd call their mother and ask if so-and-so broke her wrist and can't write, because I hadn't received a thank you yet!!
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  • The rule for wedding showers is 2 months, but I think for baby showers these should be worked on as soon as possible after the event since when baby comes, there won't be much time to do stuff like that.


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  • You aren't going to get a card from either of them.  It is rude, but short of calling them out on it (which would be rude of you) there isn't much you can do.  Good for you for getting your cards out right away.
  • I'd be annoyed, too. Both have had plenty of time. If they wrote five cards every night for a week or two, they would've been done in no time. Good for you, though, for working on them ASAP.
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  • I never recieved a Thank You card from SIL (at the time wasn't my SIL). That was in '09. I also also never recieved a card from my (now ex) BFF for a bridal gift OR a shower gift (don't even bring up the lack of Thank You for throwing her a shower).

    I honestly think people just don't care. I've seen several people post "Thank You's" in their statuses and they felt that sufficed. So, in a way, I'd rather recieve one very late than get thanked on facebook.

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  • I think its rude.  They've had plenty of time to get TYs out.  This is a pet peeve of mine - people spend time and money going to a shower or wedding, the least the guest of honor can do is sit down and write out a few TYs.  Maybe they'll surprise you, but at this point, I doubt it! 


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  • I've gotten them 6-8 months after the even...but I think those were weddings.  The shower thank you's usually come 3-4 weeks after the shower if my memory is correct.  Too long = never.
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