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Is LO on the verge of a growth spurt? Should I add a pump session?

LO is 14 weeks and in DC from about 8am-530pm.  He is also EBF and has been STTN for quite some time now.  (Okay that's way too many acronyms, LOL)  I've been keeping track of what he eats @ DC and it seems like he generally takes about 12-14 oz in that 8 hour span.  Sometimes I nurse him on my lunch break but the timing of his feedings have made it such that I can't really do that very often any more (he has been eating at 11 am and then again at 1pm).

 He recently had 2 back to back feedings of 3 oz, and this past weekend he sucked me dry to the point where I had to have DH give him a bottle of 3 oz to keep him satisfied!!  

I am still pumping just enough (about 12-13 oz per day) to cover his daily feedings but concerned that we might be onthe verge of another growth spurt and wondering how to best prepare for this.  He often will have his last feeding at 630 pm, go to bed at 8pm and then not eat again until 330 a.m. (6-7 hrs later).  Should I pump in between that time, say at 9 or 9:30 pm to encourage my body to make more milk and also to keep up my freezer stash? 

Also what are other 14 week old LOs eating nowadays?  By the way, for reference, DS is 16 lbs 8oz last week and was 24.5 inches long last time he was measured, in case that makes a difference in terms of calorie needs and feedings.  TIA!




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Re: Is LO on the verge of a growth spurt? Should I add a pump session?

  • Yes, I would add a pump session or do a power pump (10 min on, 10 min off for an hour) this week after he goes to bed.

    When he's eating at the breast, you should just keep switching sides until he's happy. Make your body keep up as much as possible.

  • I'm thinking I might have to do the same -- add a night pump though I currently go to bed at 8pm when LO does (she doesn't STTN so I need the rest). 

    DD is 4m3wk and close to 15lbs and 25 inches.  She takes 9-12 oz at daycare for a 10 hour span and I barely keep up with that.  I pump every am on my days off and weekends just to keep pace -- I suspect she might up to 3.5 or 4 oz bottles and then I'm not sure what I'll do but for now I send what I pump and she's been growing just fine.

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  • I wouldn't give a bottle when your with him unless you absolutely have to.  Him sucking even when you're 'dry' (which you're not, your body is still making milk) is helping to increase your supply.  I would pump around 9 to increase your supply.
  • Thank you, good point. I knew this generally to be true but didnt know how fast my body would react to make more milk and thought the best thing would be to give him a bottle but thank you for pointing this out, next time if it happens I will just keep doing as you said and the PP said, keep switching sides until he's satisfied.  Good lesson learned!  ;) 

     I feel a little better about it now, started pumping @9pm last night and will keep that up all week to see if that makes a difference in my BM output.  THanks for the support ladies!



                               (Same birthday, 2 years apart!)
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