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Treating a cold while BFing?

I have a bad cold and am feeling pretty miserable, but I don't want to affect my supply or take anything that could affect LO. I'm planning to see what they recommend at the pharmacy, but I thought I'd ask for insight here too. Anyone else dealt with a cold while BFing? What did you/can you take that is safe? Any advice?

Thanks in advance! 

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Re: Treating a cold while BFing?

  • I am on my second cold and haven't taken anything at all for fear of supply issues (I have low supply to start), it's been annoying but bearable.
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    I'm sure there are some safe medications to take, and I think has a list.  

    But I just wanted to say a neti pot is great!   

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    Treat symptoms specifically. Lots of things are safe - I did the neti pot during the day and Dristan at night last time to kill my congestion and let me sleep. A lot of cough remedies are safe, too. The really bad do-not-take things are Sudafed and Nyquil.

  • Neti pot users - make sure you use filtered water. Not sure if you saw the latest news on that a month or two ago! Just thought I'd share since I always used tap :/
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