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Dairy and spitting up

Who has given up dairy to help control spitting up, and did it help?  DD spits up so much and my LC suggested giving up milk, but not dairy altogether.  I haven't noticed a huge change over the last week (that's how long I've not had milk).  The spitting up doesn't seem to bother her and she is gaining weight so it's more for my convenience that I want to help keep it to a minimum - I'm sick of her soaking herself and me and the couch and whatever else is in the line of fire.
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Re: Dairy and spitting up

  • image karnelac:
    I had to cut out dairy due to a sensitivity to cow's milk protein.  I cut out ALL dairy and never saw a difference in her amount of spit up.  She just eventually grew out of it and now only spits up when she's eaten too much.

    This exactly. 

  • I saw a HUGE difference in spit-up when I cut put dairy. We also had green mucosy poops. Both improved but we went from getting projectile spit-up of entire feedings to minor spit up amounts. It improved almost immediately but the poop took longer to clear up. 

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