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Impatient - advice?

Hello! FTM with a 12 day old precious baby boy, and this is my first time on this board.

I have been extremely blessed that after a rocky start, breastfeeding has been so natural and easy. However, I am HORRIBLY impatient. LO likes to cluster feed at night. DH and I have worked out a system where I sleep right after dinner until it's time for his first nightly feeding (usually between 10 and 11:00). This feeding can last for 2-3 hours because he just has to keep going back and forth. 

The problem is that I try to keep the lights low and reduce additional stimulation in the hopes that he falls asleep sooner, but then I am SO bored that I just can't wait to get him off my boob in order to either sleep or do something else. 

Can anyone provide advice on what to do to pass the time? Or make it more stimulating for me, because he seems happy as can be?


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Re: Impatient - advice?

  • When DS was eating that often (and it took forever). I just turned the tv on mute. It provided low light to nurse by and since the sound was off no additional stimulation. But not everyone has a TV in their bedroom (or wherever you nurse). Good luck!
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  • Do you have a smartphone? A lot of people bump while doing night feedings.

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  • I sometimes try to read with a tiny flashlight or by the light of a nightlight.  I do a lot of thinking/planning during night feeds.
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    Do you have a smartphone? A lot of people bump while doing night feedings.
    This. I use his night feeding to read my blogs in google reader.
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  • I do a lot of reading by low light, or tv with the volume low, or Angry Birds with the volume yeah, pretty much what everyone else has said.
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