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BFing after dehydration (had a stomach bug...)

Hey ladies - any input would be seriously appreciated. I had a 24 hour stomach bug starting yesterday. Couldn't drink fluid until this afternoon and haven't eaten in 30 hours (I'm going to force myself now). I am completely dehydrated and my milk production went from TERRIFIC to almost nothing because of the illness. On top of it, I think my daughter isn't feeling perfect and she's refusing to even try to nurse. Any thoughts on what to do to get my supply back up? I'm pumping (maybe should be more) and I'm sure more fluids will help to an extent but when there's no demand the supply takes a dive....  DD is 10 months and I'm really not ok with giving up BFing due to one day of dehydration. 
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Re: BFing after dehydration (had a stomach bug...)

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