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Loryna / yaz and BF

Hi ladies,

 I started Loryna (generic for Yaz) on Sunday and I've noticed that I'm pumping less at the first session but normal amount at the second.  When does food start to take the place of breast milk?  How much milk would you provide for a 8.5 hour day care today?  I currently provide 3 4oz bottles and 2oz to be combined with cereal. but sometimes they defrost frozen for a fourth bottle...I will run out if we continue at this rate.  I guess I'm wondering, is it ok for them to give him more food to try to compensate for the milk going down?

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Re: Loryna / yaz and BF

  • Did you tell your doctor that you are breastfeeding? Yaz is a combination birth control pill and should not be taken while breastfeeding. The only pill that is mostly safe while BFing is Micronor (or its generics). If you don't switch, expect your pumping output to keep getting lower.

    I have only decreased DS's bottles by 2 oz total (still takes 14oz instead of 16oz) in 2 months. He also dropped 1 nursing session, but breastmilk is still most of his calorie intake. Breastmilk or formula should remain the major food source for the first year.  Foods, especially at 6 months, should just be practice at eating and a few extra calories, not a substitute for breastmilk.


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