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Is this safe?

I have had a terrible headache for three days. I'm trying so hard to get rid of it and nothing seems to be working. I have a prescription for Butalbital for tension headaches but I just looked it up on KellyMom and it's and L3. I'm thinking it's best not to take it. WWYD?
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Re: Is this safe?

  • This sounds crazy I know, but I drink a coke, usually works like a charm. My Doctor even suggested it!? Anythings worth a try I guess?
  • Drinking a coke isn't crazy, it's science :)  One of the ingredients of Excederine is caffeine.  In small amounts it can be a pain killer.  I think ibuprophen (Advil or Motrin) is an L1.  Have you tried Advil and coke together?  I'd call your doc before taking the prescription.
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