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So, E used to stay up late (like 10pm) before finally going to bed.  We recently started a night time routine to get him to sleep earlier.

E is supposed to go down for a nap around 11am or noon.  He's usually up from his nap no later than 3pm.  I start his night time routine around 6:30.

My mom comes by to visit today.  H decides to keep E up past his nap time.

I come home around 2:30pm from running an errand, and notice E is still up.  I flip out, and immediately put E down for his nap.

Which means he will most likely be up FOREVER tonight, and won't want to go to bed on time.

And who will have to deal with this?  Who also has to get up for work around 4:30 am?  -- Yeah, I will have to deal with this.

Guess who works tonight? - H.  He will be at work while I'm trying to get a wide awake baby to sleep.

And my mom is all upset, thinking I'm yelling at her when I'm angry with H for keeping E up past his nap time. 

*So much for enjoying my day off.


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Re: GAH!

  • Sorry you have to deal with that. I know what it's like. The other night DD woke up around 12:30am and didn't go back to sleep until 6am. I had to be at work at 6am. Needless to say I couldn't/didn't go to work. And DH left me to go to work so I was running on no sleep and a very awake and upset DD. Fun times.
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  • E's sleeping patterns were disrupted when he became sick in Dec.  He has never really recovered.  Teething, gas, diaper rash - it's been one thing after another for the poor guy.  He was cutting all four of his molars at the same time.

    I've just now got him to the point where he's asleep by 8.  

    I feel like every time I  get him on a good routine, something screws it up.


    ETA:  E has had a few wakeful periods in the middle of the night.  I know how bad those can be.  Hope you can get some sleep tonight.

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  • And cue: meltdown crying jag.



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