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resale of baby items pricing question

I know this has been discussed before but I can't find it.  When selling baby items, about how much do you try to recoup--1/2? 1/3?  Just wondering as I'm preparing to start getting rid of our baby stuff.  We've got bigger items like bouncer, car seat and base, snap and go stroller, bedding set and smaller items like magic sleep suit, swaddle blankets we barely used, etc.  Any rules of thumb?

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Re: resale of baby items pricing question

  • I usually go closer to 1/3rd, but I don't have any real reason behind it, I just kind of figure what I'd be willing to pay for it used. Also search on CL to see what others are asking. If you're going to sell on CL, you might want to go a little low. I've been having a really hard time selling our used stuff on CL lately. In fact, you reminded me I wanted to post some Trading Tuesday stuff on here later today :)


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