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Skinny legs

My 2 month old, 9lbs 10oz DD has ridiculously skinny legs (which she definitely didn't get from me). She is STTN but leaks every night. We are still in prefolds but I have a bunch of OS of a variety of different brands. Are there any brands that work well with skinny legs?
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Re: Skinny legs

  • We weren't able to use ANY pockets at that weight.  In fact, DD is now around 14 lbs (a peanut) and STILL leaks out of the belly on most pockets.  I think that my Kawaii began fitting the earliest though.  We use fitteds (GMs and Thirsties fab fitted size 1s) for naptimes, with either a Thirsties cover or wool.  Overnight, we use an Sbish snapless multi (1 sized, but folds down and has no snaps so it will fit ANY baby), Old School Cool size 1, or Twinkie Tush with an added hemp doubler because she's a super-pee-er.  Those are the ONLY things that we have come up with that don't ever, ever, ever leak.  
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  • We have the same issue with my son.  We tried BG 4.0s when he was about 11 lbs and they fit.  Thirsties duo pockets fit, too.  We tried a bunch in a diaper trial and many did NOT work for us:  FB sized, Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0, Kissaluvs AIO, and Flip.  

    Of course, that is just our experience.  I found this site helpful to get ideas of CDs to try:  There is a great chart of CDs ranked by characteristics such as "skinny thighs."

    I also posted this question recently.  You may want to take a look.  Several ppl gave suggestions of brands to try.   

    HTH!  GL!  Let us know if you find something that works for you.   

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  • My DS has skinny legs and the FuzziBunz perfect size (Smalls) worked really well for him. He's almost 17 lbs now, so they are getting a little snug. But, they've lasted us a long time and were well worth the money.

    For night time, I use a FuzziBunz with the microfiber insert and then add a Best Bottoms hemp insert as a doubler.  

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