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Spotting and falling temp :(

I am trying to stay positive, but I'm worried about my temp - it fell almost a whole degree today.  I'm at 11dpo, BFN this morning, and spotting now too.  The spotting is actually okay - I've spotted at this point on all 3 of my pregnancies.  But the temperature makes me worry my progesterone level is taking a nose-dive.

My doctor wasn't very open to my taking progesterone last time I asked, or even to sending me for a progesterone test.  Is this something you would get pushy about?  I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


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Re: Spotting and falling temp :(

  • I never supplemented with Progesterone until IVF...but I'm surprised that with your past m/c that your dr. wasn't open to you supplementing. And if your LP is only 11 days that it seems that adding progesterone might help with that issue too. I would definitely be pushy with your next cycle...I'm not an expert but my guess is that it could help.  good luck and keep us posted!
  • I would push as well, it can't hurt!
  • Ditto PPs, unless he shows you research indicating why it shouldn't be taken, I'd go for it.  (Any chance you have access to a research library so you can find evidence supporting progesterone use in your situation?)
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  • I'm sorry it's not looking good. But, I agree with PP. It couldn't hurt to supplement. Good luck! Keep us posted!
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