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Now I am in a bit of panic mode

I just realized that if I don't get pregnant this cycle I may have to wait for 5 months.

I start my semester of student teaching in Jan 2013. Pregnant this month would make a November due date. If not this month then we are looking at December or later which would be way to close or in the middle of student teaching. I don't think I would want to put that off. Especially since Student teaching in Jan would mean I gradute in the summer which is the best time to apply for teaching jobs. If I put that semester off. I am baisically putting off teaching for another year. Ugh like I needed something else to worry about

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Re: Now I am in a bit of panic mode

  • Ugh... that's a right bit of stress for you.  And you are absolutely correct - your timing is spot on and really shouldn't be messed with - unless you can wait an entire year to teach in order to have a baby.  Sorry you have to deal with that stress - FX that this cycle is it so you won't have to make the choice!
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