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Catch air in Cumming?

Has anyone been there before?  I am going with a friend who has an older child and I'm worried there won't be anything to do for littler ones.  


Re: Catch air in Cumming?

  • Yes. We love Catch Air. Most of the little kiddos love just toddling around and looking at everything. They also like the ball pit, light up dance floor and some of the random things they have out on the floor for them to play with. You can also go up with them and slide down the slide. Make sure everyone has socks (even you). 
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  • Yes, I am a regular there. It's fabulous. They have a section for little ones there. Your LO will love it. I have been taking my son there since he was 15-16 months and he still loves it. DH is actually going to take him today at some point. 
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  • Yes, kids love it from 6 months on up! 
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  • I know the one in John's Creek had some good stuff for younger kids....E was just over a year when we went and she had a lot of fun.  But she had also been walking since 10.5months.  I have been into the Cumming one but just briefly, and it didn't seem nearly as nice as the John's Creek one. But we were in-and-out in like 2 minutes.
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