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Tricare Prime & genetic disease screening

I just started with my RE about a month ago. I am wanting to get the genetic disease screening done but only if Tricare covers it. The financial counselor at my RE office says that I can go to any lab that Tricare has authorized and get the testing done. What has been everyone else's experience with thiswas

Re: Tricare Prime & genetic disease screening

  • From my recent, personal experience being on Prime, I had to have a referral from my PCM for genetic counseling.

     I'm not sure of your history, we had a loss due to Acarina. The testing was nothing more than sitting down with my husband and I and mapping out our family history on a piece of paper.  There was no actual testing involved, we were just told that we were in the rare percentage of the NT defect, they put me on 4mg of frolic acid and that's it.

     We were a bit unnerved by no actual testing happening but I guess that's just how it goes for us.  

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  • This was our first child and had no history/reason to suspect a genetic problem. But still got it done. My OB put the request in and gave me the paperwork to go to a lab that Tricare authorized. I did get a bill in the mail and then called them and informed them I had Tricare -- and never got another bill.

     So it was covered.

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  • The RE that I go to suggests the screening before doing any treatment. I don't have any medical need to get it done. But as long as its covered I would like to be able to do it. Since my RE won't do an authorization for it do you think I could get my PCM to do it? P.S. I hate how Tricare works. But I guess its worth it since its practically free.
  • I saw an RE in 2010. I had the whole 9 yards done, and it was all covered.
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  • My RE arranged for my genetic testing to be done (after multiple miscarriages).  We also met with a genetic counselor after our results were in.  In addition to that I've had practically every type of lab work done under the sun in regards to fertility and it's all been covered under prime.
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