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Solar Prism

Very random - but I saw this on Kelle Hampton's blog, she has one and loves it.  I put it on my Amazon registry just as something to think about, and DH got it for my birthday.  We all love it!  The cat chases around the little reflective beams, and the kids think it is really cool.  I absolutely love coming downstairs in the morning when it's sunny and there are little sunbeams everywhere.  When it is sunny, the solar panel makes the crystal spin very slowly.

I think it would make a great gift for a wide variety of people.  We are getting it for the kids 'grandma' (long story, not a blood grandmother), to brighten up her place plus her cats would all love it.  I think lots of kids would enjoy it.  And someone mentioned in an amazon review that it is a great gift for anyone who is bedridden, in the hospital, etc., since it really brightens a room (I was thinking of some of you, like MrsRichardson's friend).  If I was back at work in my own office, I think I'd love it in an office window.


Re: Solar Prism

  • That is a cool idea and I bet J would love it (except she would want to touch it).  It brought back some memories though because my mom always had a few hanging up in the kitchen windows and I liked to see the sunbeams on the floor :)
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