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Pricing for consignment sales

I know there's been a few posts in the past about experiences selling at consignment sales.  I thought to get rid of some stuff I would give it a shot.  I've been pricing items based upon their recommendation of 30% of the retail price, but for those who are experienced consignors I would your feedback.  I'm selling a variety of items:  clothes, car seat base, bath toys, books, toys, diaper bags, bedding - bumper, skirt, & quilt.


Re: Pricing for consignment sales

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  • Carseat bases (without attached seat), bedding and diaper bags almost never sell so I'd price those very inexpensive. Clothes from 12 months and up sell best. Toys, books, furniture, strollers, high chairs, exersaucers and outdoor toys sell well. Can you register for more than one sale this season? That way if your items are priced too high, you'll get them back from the first sale and can lower the price for the second sale. 
  • Thanks for the info, it is very helpful!!  And I can definitely sell at a later date if the items don't sell. 
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