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Gender neutral strollers??

Do you think that the Graco Stylus LX elefanta stroller looks gender neutral?
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Re: Gender neutral strollers??

  • From the picture, it doesn't look too bad. The elephant print doesn't show up too much compared to some other patterns. It's very cute. Wish they had that pattern when DS was a baby.
  • Thanks Wendyj, I was worried that the elephants would be too boyish bc it's brown and some are blue. The pattern is underneath the top brim of the stroller but I guess if I can keep it down you won't be able to see it. Also, if the baby is in the seat you won't be able to see the elephant pattern either. I really liked this stroller but was iffy on the pattern. I don't think I should get a stroller just based on a pattern though.


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  • They don't make our pattern anymore, but it was blue and brown circles. I worried about it being gender neutral, too, because of the colors. I think the pattern is what makes it more neutral. I don't think elefanta screams, "BOY" like some of the other patterns do.
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