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First doctors appointment tomorrow...

What should we expect?

Re: First doctors appointment tomorrow...

  • urine sample, bp check, weight check, and a vaginal ultrasound.  You'll also get a consultation with the doc to confirm due date.  The nurse will ask questions about last missed period and health history.
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  • Some questions you might want to ask:

    How long will they let you go past your due date (if everything checks out okay)?

    What is their c-section rate?

    How does it work with the delivering doc? Do you just get who's on call, etc.?

    Not sure if this is still relevant, but you may want to ask what drugs they use for induction (if necessary). I think there is one preferred over the other (Cervadil vs. Cytotec). 

    If you plan on going un-medicated, make sure they're supportive of your wishes for such a birth and will do what they can to help.

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  • Agree with all the above. Except at my 1st appt with all my pregnancies, there wasn't an u/s. I got the u/s at my 2nd appt usually around 8-9wks along.

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  • I've never had a vaginal u/s, so I don't think that is a given.
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  • The u/s depends on how far along you are, possibility for complications, etc.  With my 1st, my ultrasound was at my second appointment (about 8 weeks or so, because they wanted me to be far along enough to see some fetal development).  After my miscarriage, I had ultrasounds at 5.5 weeks and then at 6.5.  It depends on your circumstances and your doc.  Expect a TON of bloodwork and a full family history.
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